Omnia Sancta House of Study

An online school where awe, expansion, and discipline are nourished via a virtual community of like-hearted folks. ‘Come to the fountain of life-giving water’ — all are welcome. Omnia Sancta House of Study is a place where the inextricable link between personal holiness and collective liberation is celebrated and at the forefront. We share life alongside one another with warm eyes to warm eyes; real presence at its finest. Learn more here.

Ancestral Healing

We all have wise and loving ancestors. By learning how to relate and reconnect with our blood ancestors, we open ourselves up to experiencing a deeper sense of wholeness and connection to our own personal histories and the familial and societal patterns that have shaped us.

The spiritual practice of ancestral healing is open to — and, in fact, lovingly complements — folks of all religious backgrounds, spiritual traditions and walks of life. This Work yields a personal understanding and, ultimately, embodiment of the blessings of your people; awareness, healing and repair of familial traumas and patterns; and cultural healing of wounds caused by the fragile state of democracy, which, through tending to your ancestors, can serve as an antidote to the myriad inequities that pervade our society.

Through guided sessions with me, in either individual or group settings, you'll connect with your roots/blood ancestors in healing, ritually safe and transformative ways. We dive into the initial steps of the process by assessing the state of wellness of your ancestral lineages and choosing which to focus on first. You will then have the opportunity to identify a loving, wise, ancestral guide on each line, and begin cultivating a connection with this ancestor and all the blessings they carry.

One-on-one sessions

Offered via phone or zoom for 60 or 90 minutes. Book here.

Group Intensives

This kind of gathering tends to be more ritually rigorous, and is open to all who may be interested in stepping into this Work in-person, in community with others. Intensives typically run from 10am-5pm, and are offered in 1-day and 3-day formats.

Please note, no prior knowledge of your ancestors is required to initiate the ancestral healing process!

The framework we follow is informed by the approach created by Dr. Daniel Foor. For more information about ancestral healing ad the practice of lineage repair, I invite you to explore his website at

Spiritual Counseling

I specialize in connecting folks with their inner-life. I’ve been devoted to the Catholic mystical tradition, Wisdom Herself, and scholar-activism for 20 years and draw upon these lived experiences in counseling, coaching, and encouraging folks to heed the call to holiness/wholeness. Let us deep dive together on how you could create a spiritual practice grounded in integrity and awe.

I am wholly devoted to Yeshua’s modus operandi of meeting folks right where they are and it’s how I look forward to connecting with you, right and wherever you are. As a lover of wisdom and practitioner of wonder, together let us glean the wisdom and wonder within and all around you. The time has come, with the backing of your ancient, well ones, to deepen your capacity to love, connect, and heal for your holiness, and for the world’s. I’m available for 60-minute and 90-minute sessions via zoom or phone. Book here.