alchemist: n. a person who practices alchemy

alchemy: n. a power or process that transforms something in a mysterious or impressive way


Hi, I’m Lindsay Sudeikis.

Who am I?

Educator-activist, practitioner of ancestral healing, and former Catholic nun. #ethics #mysticism

What do I do?

Alchemy, deep dive with folks and their people/ancestors, and soul coach. #roots #deepen

Why do I do it?

For Love’s sake.

So people can have life in abundance and to quicken the cultural healing desperately needed in our times. #equity #sacredactivism #bothand

My work is grounded in the maxim ‘we belong to each other,’ thus, robust aspirations toward equity and justice for all — on micro and macro levels — are fundamental to everything I am and do. My focus on the ancestors and spiritual counseling emerges from classical philosophical inquiry and 20 years of metabolizing Catholic teaching at considerable depth. Since 1999, I’ve sojourned with thousands of people on their quest for wholeness, wonder, and social change through circle discussions, personal sessions, retreats, immersive service experiences, advocacy, and civic engagement throughout North America and parts of Europe. These conversations continue to reveal the inextricable link between personal and societal healing. I believe that engaging in lineage repair work with our blood ancestors can serve as an antidote to the systemic injustices of our time.

I have been and am immersed in Catholic mystical tradition, Jewish mysticism, Sufism, scholar-activism, and other Earth-honoring ways. In my six years as a Catholic nun, I lived in Italy with 54 other nuns from 16 different cultures, learned Spanish and Italian, and became more fully human just as a minority in that space. After leaving religious life, I obtained a Master’s Degree in Liberal Studies. My Master’s Thesis — Education as a Site for Ethical Transformation and Activism — informed and inspired my approach in the following eight years as an educator-activist in three different schools, K-12, where I implemented culturally relevant programs and immersive inquiry rooted in themes of ethics, wonder, agency, and justice. My current work as an alchemist coalesces my many lived experiences with focus on ancestral healing, teaching, and spiritual counseling for the overall wholeness/holiness of all beings, (omnia sancta) one human heart at a time.

My blood ancestors hail from Lithuania, Ireland, and Slavic lands, and ultimately conspired to bring our family to the nourishing lands of Chicago, Illinois and Overland Park, Kansas, where I spent my childhood and adolescence. Brooklyn, New York — traditional homeland of Lenape peoples — is where I currently reside. Among my many hopes and dreams for this work, I am committed to illuminating the profound complementarity between ancestral healing and Catholic mystical teaching for the cultural healing that is deeply needed in our times. The cloud of witnesses who have emboldened me for decades, Teresa of Avila, John of the Cross, Padre Pio, Thomas of Aquinas, now also include Joseph Sudeikis, George Wendt, Sr., Ann Cox, and Mary Buckley just to name a few. All you holy ones, ora pro nobis.