House of Study

Salve and welcome! Here you are seen and celebrated simply for who you are, in your very essence. May this online school be a place where you can become more congruent, challenged into leading a more nuanced life, and loved so as to have a heart as wide as the world. All are welcome to learn, share, and explore matters of heart and soul together. For the last 20 years, I’ve devoted myself to a love which is divine and to inviting forth the good, true, and beautiful in those I encounter. I invite folks of all faiths and none to come forward to access radical receptivity and holy solitude in concrete ways for your day-to-day lives.

May the pure-hearted intention of this space be crystal clear ~ this space is committed to being an antidote to the cultural wounds inflicted (upon millions) by the imperialism, dogmatism, and hegemony of Catholic Christianity. Here, all are welcome. The potent medicines of Yeshua and Miriam* are the fundament, impetus, and lead of Omnia Sancta House of Study.

Each course will be a 7-week deep dive into the designated subject matter as listed below. We will use Zoom as the platform for our time together, simply download it onto your digital device and when you sign up for the class you will receive the assigned Zoom link. If you are unable to join live for class, no worries, you will be sent the recording after class finishes. The loose format of each time together is: setting an intention, diving into content, an embodied practice, and time for Q & A. ‘Come to the fountain of life-giving water.’

*Hebrew names.


Pragmatic Mysticism: Encountering the Holy in the Mundane — 7-week Winter Course starting on Monday, 11/04/19 and goes through Monday, 12/16/19.

The Mighty Dead: Relating with Ancestors of Path, Nurturance, and Bone — 7-week Spring Course, dates TBA.

Classical Philosophy in the 21st Century: Astonishment and Inquiry as Antidote — 7-week Fall Course, dates TBA.